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Playing a handpan is inviting a sense of magic into our lives. If we let the instrument guide us, our creative musical potential is easily and playfully tapped into. Presence fills our minds. We drift, we flow, we feel restored. Handpans are intuitively and easily accessible even to people without any musical background. A truly universal instrument for our times. 


Soma are sound sculptures handmade in Switzerland. They are inspired by the well-known Hang®, built by PANart Hangbau AG. 
All instruments are carefully tuned and heat treated many times to ensure warm intonation and structural stability.

More information about the instrument can be found on the FAQ page,  Soma's Facebook presence or our Instagram account. The videos linked  here and on our Youtube channel are all recorded without special equipment or additional sound effects.  For the  best  audio  experience, however, headphones are recommended.
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News & Developments

October, 2018

In our new webshop Soma's for immediate purchase can be found (if any are available). 

- The first Soma's with bass notes on the bottom shells have been created. We call them "low extenders" as the scale on the upper shell is extended "downwards", broadening the scale options. Video's of the first instruments can be found hereherehere and here. For pricing read the FAQ's-

- Soma is accepting new requests for its Sound Sculptures. The current waiting-time for a Soma is roughly 9 weeks. Please contact us here. Often we also have Soma's for immediate purchase(without waiting-time) published here or in our workshop.

- The first stage of  development of the 2nd Sound Sculpture, the LYNX, a handpan playable by hand and feet, is finished. It is ready to released into the wider public.  See videos below and on our Youtube Channel. 

"KOSMA Sound" playing a Soma "Zubhinna"

Introducing: Sound Sculpture "LYNX" (played by hands & feet)


Sherif from "Sarmad" playing two Soma's

Sébastien grooving on a Phrygian Hexatonic9

Sacha playing a Kaffa

Matthias on a Kaffa9

Claudiu on a Suddha Simantinti

Hari Nata (low extended)

Many more videos can be found on the sound-model page or on your YouTube Channel. 
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