Soma's for Immediate Purchase

Every now and then there will be Soma's for immediate purchase. These Soma's will be listed here on this page.

If you don't find a Soma here, you can always contact us and enter our waiting-list. The waiting time for a Soma is roughly 3 months. 

*** SOLD ***
(D/G) Bhinna Pancama

Tragic, exotic and hypnotic. Touched with a mildly Middle-Eastern flavour. One of our favourites. 

Notes: D/ G A C D D# F# G A 

Price: 1850 CHF (excl. VAT, shipping, hardcase)


*** SOLD ***
(G/A) Scottish Hexatonic Minor 10 (ext. Range)

 The first of the 3 presented Soma's in the video is for immediate purchase.

Notes:  G3/ A3 B3 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 B4 D5 E5 (10 note hexatonic)

Played with the low A as the root note, this Soma features a moody, minor hexatonic scale. When the G Ding is used to root the scale, it turns into a joyful major-feel Scottish Hexatonic scale. This is a very versatile Soma. 

Price: CHF 2000.- (excl. shipping, VAT, and hardcase)